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Clean the air you breathe.

Professional Grade Cleaning that’s Powerful and Affordable.

We are on a mission to protect the people and spaces we love, so we can all get back to life.

Most Powerful for its Size

No competition. The highest intensity and efficiency.

Revolutionary design for maximum air exposure to UV-C light. The longer the air is exposed to UV-C light, the more cleaning power. That’s why our engineers created a vertical chamber to slow down the air and increase dosage time. The result? An industry leading 75% product height to UV-C light ratio while in the chamber.

Brushless 3-speed whisper quiet fan
Air flow reduction chamber
Raised airflow inlet
Clean-Tech Co
Reflective mirror grade coating
Dual medical grade ultraviolet bulbs
Replaceable HEPA Filter

Don’t just collect. Destroy!

Traditional Air Purifiers collect or trap particles and dust rather than destroying them. Airborne particles are much smaller than droplets and can linger in the air for longer. Air currents can also carry them longer distances.

UVC 30,000µW/cm2 Effective 99.9%

Clean-Tech Co

Better 2 Stage Filtration

Clean-tech’s 2-Stage air purification rethinks the fundamentals by focusing on maximum UVC exposure time rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume.

Clean-Tech Co

Hepa Filter

Full room filtration starts with a Hepa rated H11 filter that removes larger particles so the next stage can be most effective.


Medical Grade UVC Light

A powerful 254nm UVC ultra high efficiency short-wave quartz light tube intensified with mirror grade reflection technology.

3 Times More Powerful & Effective

Revolutionary design for maximum air exposure to UV-C light. The longer the air is exposed to UV-C light, the more cleaning power.

Clean-Tech Co

There’s really no comparison.

Clean-tech has the others beat across the board, from performance to price.

  • Germicidal 254nm UVC
  • Replaceable HEPA filter
  • Safe for use 24/7
  • Safe to be used
    around people
  • Boost UVC intensity
  • ReflectTech mirror coating
  • Vortex air chamber to
    maximize UVC Exposure
  • Price
  • Square Feet Rating
  • $199
    Launch Price
  • 200
    sq ft
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Air Filter
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  • 349
  • 150- 250
    sq ft
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  • 299
  • 650
    sq ft

Customer Reviews

More and more customers experience the comfort and confidence to enter shared environments.

Where to Use Clean-tech

Feel safe when waiting at the dentist or doctors office. Clean-tech is one of the first devices to provide medical grade UVC air purification when people are in the same room safely.

Clean-Tech Co
Clean-Tech Co

Small space

1x Clean-tech
Ideal for a studio apartment or any room up to 200 ft2 Order now
Clean-Tech Co
60% OFF

Large space

2x Clean-tech
Ideal for a 2-bedroom apartment or any two rooms up to 600 ft2 Order now
Clean-Tech Co
Save 60%
$ 598

How it Works

Clean-tech makes purifying your air simpler and more affordable than ever.

Clean-Tech Co
Clean-Tech Co
Clean-Tech Co

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Decide how many Clean-tech you need.

Each Cleantech unit cleans a room up to 200sq ft.

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Get fresh filters every 6 month.

Full room filtration starts with a HEPA rated H11 filter. It removes large particles so the next stage can be most effective.

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Enjoy Clean-tech and breathe esay.

Simple setup means you'll have Clean-tech working in months.

This Revolutionary Technology is Now Up for Grabs!

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